About Founder DeAndre Smith

DeAndre “Dee” Smith, and his wife Jennifer, have dreamed of working with kids since they first met in 1992, when they were students at East Middle School. They became a couple in 1996, and have been working with each other toward their goals ever since.

This February will mark the fifth anniversary of OnebodyEnt (a.k.a. OneBody Ent, named for “one body in Christ”), a local grassroots production company founded by the Smiths, whose mission is to provide access to the arts and the knowledge of multicultural history to kids who may not otherwise have the resources to participate in such programs.

Read more at: https://www.csindy.com/coloradosprings/onebody-ent-offers-art-and-education-opportunities-to-southside-youth/Content?oid=9635168&fbclid=IwAR3qUI1nxQSgge2PYoMnzVVLtRTHBz4IgtOmVibItccISLcVOJgbCkGAWe0

About OneBody Ent

Onebody Ent is a 501c3 non profit charity in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Our mission is to bring the community together as OneBody while providing activities and programs to foster better community living, understanding, and environment.  Over the past 5 years OneBody Ent has successfully organized various activities within our surrounding community.